I have been a coin collector since I was in third grade, and at heart, I will always be a collector. I know the thrill of the hunt, and love show-and-tell with friends, whether we meet up at a coin show, when passing through cities, or online. I have been a coin photographer since I first purchased a digital camera in 2003, and since then have taken hundreds of thousands of images.

As a photographer, I have worked for numerous dealers across the country and have given seminars at ANA conventions. I have also photographed many of the rarities held in the Smithsonian collection, including the 1933 Double Eagles and 1804 Dollars, as well as a large portion of the Frank Stewart Collection, which was given to the city of Philadelphia and is housed in the Independence Hall Museum. On eBay, I have a flawless reputation and am a high-level Powerseller.

When not dealing with coins, my passion for aviation emerges. I am an aeronautical engineer with a degree from MIT and work in commercial aircraft design. In addition, I am a private pilot and enjoy getting a bird's eye view of the beautiful Pacific Northwest.






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